Green, Emerson

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Emerson Green – High School

Chemistry - A.P. Chemistry

Cross Country – Track and Field

            I am a twenty eight year veteran at Sturgis High School.  Over those years I have taught predominately Chemistry and Physical Science.  I am a graduate of Alma College with a B.A. and teaching certification in Chemistry with a minor in Mathematics.  I have additional masters level coursework from Central Michigan University, Western Michigan University, Michigan State University and Illinois State University in general education, science education and computer technology.  I gained my passion for teaching from my parents and participation in the Jerry G. Smith African Fellow program during the 1987-88 school years for Alma College.  During that year I taught and worked as an administrator at the Mayflower Secondary School in Ikenne Nigeria. 

            Outside of the classroom I enjoy coaching men’s and women’s Cross Country along with Women’s Track and Field.  I got my experience and training with Track and Field and Cross Country from Alma College.  At Alma College I participated in both sports and also worked as an assistant coach for 3 years before coming to Sturgis.  I have been a Track and Field coach at Sturgis for 28 years, and Cross County coach for 24 years. 

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       2018- 2019 Schedule
1st Block  -  Chemistry
2nd Block - Planning
3rd Block - Chemistry
4th Block - Chemistry
5th Block - A. P. Chemistry
6th Block - Chemistry
7th Block - Seminar / Homeroom
3:25 - 3:45 - After School Help
3:45 - 5:30 - Practice during Fall and Spring Seasons