Toner, Jill

Hello My Name Is...

Jill Toner

I have had the pleasure of walking the halls of Sturgis High School both as a student and now as a teacher! After graduating from Sturgis High School ( many, many years ago), I went on to get a Bachelor's of Science and became a computer engineer. I worked in the Information Technology field for many years and was a 3rd-level server engineer for Pfizer Corporation. I was then approached to teach an evening computer class at a local college. I got in the classroom and never wanted to leave, I knew I had found my niche. 

When my children were born, I stayed home with them for a few years. In that time I also pursued my post-baccalaureate teaching certificate and a Masters of Art in Teaching Mathematics. Since receiving my Masters, I have been teaching at Glen Oaks Community College. In 2015 I was given the opportunity to move to Sturgis High School, so I jumped! I love working here with the youth of the Sturgis community. I am hoping I have some life skills to teach them as well as some math skills!

Outside of SHS, I am married to a great guy, Steve. Together we have three great kids. I enjoy kayaking, biking, skiing, travelling, and just hanging out at home with my family. I am also really excited to find opportunities to be involved in activities here at SHS.