1+1 iPad Program

   Community Support

We are deeply grateful to the following organizations for their support of the Sturgis Public Schools 1 + 1 Technology Initiative:
Sturgis Foundation: Contributed $15,000 to enhance our Wireless Infrastructure
Sturgis Bank and Trust: Contributed $34,000 to purchase iPad cases for our high school students

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Frequently Asked Question's

Every student at Sturgis High School will be equipped with an iPad for the current school year.
  • We will give students this tool to function in a technology rich society 
  • We will use the iPads to enhance our current  face to face instruction with technology resources
  • We are following Mike Flanagan, our State Superintendent's guidelines to have 1:1 access which means that each student has access their own device.  
  • To promote 21st Century learning
  • Access for all students Any Time, Any Place. Any Way, Any Pace
  • Help our students with the 4 C's :Communication, Collaboration, Creativity and Critical Thinking

What parents should know

  • Liability
    • Discipline and possible fines will be enforced for willful neglect, as it is for any other school property such as textbooks.
  • Safety
    • Devices will be filtered for content by SPS when at school
    • An option for filtered internet is available for home or anywhere outside the district
    • Protective cases will be provided by the SPS and will be required to be on the iPad at all times
  • Cost
    • This project is possible from reallocating funds in our general budget
      • We will be spending less for textbooks, printing costs and other areas
    • We have received one grant at this time from the Sturgis Area Foundation to assist us in building capacity in our wireless infrastructure at the high school.
  • Details
    • All devices will be managed by SPS but students will use their own iTunes account to download apps
    • Some apps will be provided by SPS 
    • Keyboards will be available for those times when an external keyboard is necessary
  • Student Expectations
    • Bring it to school everyday and use it
    • Take advantage of this great opportunity


  • Now! 

All school owned iPads will be managed by our Mobile Device Management System, AirWatch. 

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